Tuesday, February 1, 2011

big city problems.

today wasn't the best day, hence me not posting until now, haha. Though i did get these really fierce gray vinyl combat boots at Red Light.These ones to be more specific. The early afternoon commute was totally cool, outside of me having to sprint down University St. Station to catch the bus earlier than I was supposed to (I'm a fast walker yall). I accidentally deleted the times on my phone for when the buses arrived, but all of them were within two minutes of when they were supposed to me. No problem there. Grrrrls, my ride home from school was another story, lemme first give you the schedule:

71 leaves 41st & University at 5:45pm (it was on time, but the bus before it hadn't shown up, so by the time it got to me it was standing room only and it totally skipped all the stops between my stop and downtown. fortunate for me, not so fortunate for those ahead of me)
71 arrives at University St. Station at 6:10pm (six minutes early)

Here's where it gets nasty. The 54 was supposed to arrive at 6:19pm. But it didn't, for 15 minutes. So I took the 55 instead and got off at 35th & Avalon to transfer to one of three buses (21, 22, or 54). I got to 35th & Avalon at 6:44. The 54 that I was supposed to be riding didn't show up either so I ended up catching the 21 (which was seven minutes late on both ends). So my 45 minute commute turned into a hour and a half commute. 

anyways, rupaul's drag race episode last night was amazing, and the right person went home for sure. though i wish that shangela bitch wasn't on the show, she's ruining it for everybody. fuck.


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