Tuesday, February 8, 2011

today: the usual + gay lord of the rings trivia

today went a lot better than it could've. i had a mid-term in my US Latino literature course which i'm sure i did fairly well on and they had a Lord of the Rings trivia night at a gay bar in town called The Lobby (it was called that, but covered info from all of Tolkien's books and the movies based on them). I was on a team with one of the Daddies (Kelley) and my friends Jim and Travis. We wound up in 4th place out of ten teams with the top five being within five points of each other. Overall it was a lot of fun and definitely showed me that there are WAY bigger Tolkien fans in this city than me, or that some of the teams that beat us used their smartphones to cheat. Either or, it was still a good night. 

Here are my bus trips for the day starting with the earliest:

54 departs California & Barton at 1:18pm (on time)
54 arrives at 3rd & Seneca at 1:49pm (one minute early)

71X departs University St. Station at 1:53pm (one minute late)
71X arrives at University & 41st at 2:05pm (two minutes late)

insert one hour at work and a mid-term, then onto LOTR trivia

49 departs 41st & 15th at 6:12pm (one minute early)
49 arrives at Pine & Broadway at 6:34pm (one minute early)

now all i have to do is fall asleep, wake up in the morning and write a paper before 3pm! and then i'll be done with major school work for a week or two. i need more self-discipline.


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