Wednesday, February 2, 2011

so much better

UPDATED as of 12am. night schedule at the bottom.

hey bitches!
today was attempting to be horrible but that shit totally turned around when i found Ben Sherman skinny pants (but black) on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $35 (from $119). My weight has brought me to a point where mediums aren't big enough for my chest or beer gut, but larges are WAY too big in the shoulders and arms, so I was getting really frustrated and body negative until i found these pants. i also found a REALLY cute Threads & Heirs wool cardigan. I've been super lazy about exercising except for walking since I moved out to West Seattle, which means I need to set aside money to get my bike fixed and get off my ass.

Anyways, because I went shopping with Daddy (those who know me, know who I am talking about, those don't, don't worry about it) i only had to ride the bus to meet him and he dropped me off at school. So my schedule went something like this

54 departs California & Barton at 11:54am (two minutes late)
54 turns into 5 and arrives at 3rd & Bell at 12:34pm (arrived on time)

The reason I was going into Belltown was to go to this little boutique called Kuhlman. They sell a lot of really cute clothing in the more British mod fashion (fred perry, ben sherman, etc.) and are the only store in this city that sells Fred Perry anymore. I didn't find anything I liked this time, but i'm also more into spring style shirts which won't be in until next month. Like most stores that sell fashion-forward clothing for men, they really only carry clothing for skinny guys above 5' 8", which i am not either. But they do in-store tailoring, so it could be a lot worse. I wouldn't really be able to afford anything there regularly, but I was promised a shirt of my choosing for Xmas. 

that's all for now until i get home tonight from work (maybe).

my ride home from work was a little complicated, but only because i made it that way. hurrritgoes:

71 departs University & 41st at 10:26pm (two minutes late)
71 arrives at University St. Station at 10:48pm (one minute late)

54 departs 3rd & Seneca at 11:02pm (on time)
54 arrives 35th & Avalon at 11:11pm (one minute late)

21 departs 35th & Avalon at 11:12pm (one minute late)
21 arrives at 35th & Henderson at 11:19pm (one minute late)

I switched to the 21 because it pulled up to 35th & Avalon right behind the 54 and gets me to my house 10 minutes earlier. Usually it's a lot later, but today it was just right! I tend to overcomplicate my bus rides just to save me five minutes of waiting on the bus, but it's a good thing to figure out where and general times of major transfer points. Hence why sometimes i will take the 55 to 35th and Avalon, because three buses that take me home stop there.




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