Thursday, February 3, 2011


UPDATED on Friday at 530pm. (oops haha)

i got home last night and instead of updating my home commute I watched West Side Story, which I had never seen before and was really good. I skipped the second half of my class yesterday to go get tested at Gay City Health Project. Don't worry, I'm negative, just went in for my once every 3-4 months HIV and syphilis test just in case. Gay City Health Project is really cool in that it provides free HIV/Syphilis testing seven days a week to gay and bi men, as well as trans folks. It's the place I have been going to since I moved to Seattle in Fall 2009. Here's my bus schedule from last night

43 departs 15th & Campus Pkwy at 4:27pm (on time)
43 arrives at Broadway & E. Pine at 4:55pm (on time)
(insert HIV test here/me walking from Capitol Hill to downtown)
54 departs 3rd & Pike at 6:17pm
54 arrives at California & Barton at 6:47pm (five minutes late)

second half of the day was much better than the first half


been totes brain dead today. can't function, don't wanna go to class. would rather just lay in bed and eat and read forevs. my commute was supposed to be really easy, because Daddy was driving me to 35th & Avalon and everything was perfect, but oh wait, nevermind, buses only run on time when i don't need them to.

54 departs 35th & Avalon at 11:45am (seven minutes late)
54 arrives 3rd & Seneca at 11:56am (six minutes late)

i was supposed to catch the 12:02 University Express at this point, but my bus didn't get there until 12:02.

72X departs University St. Station at 12:12pm (one minute late)
72X arrives at 41st & University at 12:24 (four minutes late)

so i was late to work. ugh. #bigcityproblem


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  1. Thumbs up for regular testing. Just in case is reason enough (especially if it's free).