Sunday, February 13, 2011

easy peasy

mike and kelley dropped me off at work today. i only had to ride home

71 departs 41st & University at 5:12pm (seven minutes late)
71 arrives University St. Station at 5:34pm (nine minutes late)

i really didn't mind it being late today, i was reading a novel for class that was really interesting and i didn't really have anywhere to be. the trip planner didn't give me the correct information as usual and i had to divide up my commute. by putting in my address as the end destination from the u district it didn't even list the 21 as an option, instead giving me three other options that would have taken me anywhere from 5-30 minutes more than the 21, but when i put in 3rd & seneca instead of 41st & University, it works, but gives it to me as the 2nd option instead of first. i really don't get how they prioritize this shit. i need some friends on the inside who can explain how they come up with this crazy shit.

21 departs 3rd & Seneca at 5:52pm (on time)
21 arrives at 35th & Henderson at 6:26pm (one minute late)

i love the 21 when it's on time.


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