Thursday, February 17, 2011

wednesday is better, but thursday is not

ugh, due to my computer issues i just haven't been able to update as much as i'd like and only end up getting to update when i'm at work and don't have time to actually put everything down that I'd like. so here is just the basics for yesterday:

54 departs Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal 2:35pm (on time)
54 arrives at 3rd & Seneca at 3:06 (two minutes early)

73 departs University St. Station at 3:09pm (one minute late)
73 arrives at 41st & University at 3:24pm (on time)

and the ride home....

73 departs 41st & University at 10:24pm (two minutes late)
73 arrives University St. Station at 10:44 (on time)

54 departs 3rd & Seneca at 11:02pm (on time)
54 arrives at California & Barton at 11:26 (one minute early)



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