Sunday, February 20, 2011

new phone/coming up this week

hey everyone.
so i got a new phone yesterday, meaning that i'll be back to tracking my bus schedules. 

but what makes this so special is that i FINALLY GOT AN IPHONE!

I've been stuck with shitty non-smartphones since I got a cell phone in 2006, and now i'm officially a real 21st century faggot. Since Kelley is at a Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence meeting all day today, I was able to get a ride to work and hopefully a ride home as well.

In other news: I still don't have a working computer. Once i get my final W2 from the Census, I will have the money to buy a MacbookPro as soon as the new update comes out (hopefully the beginning of March). I also have a new email you can reach me at:

Coming up this week: I will be attending the Sustainable West Seattle Monthly Transit Forum this Tuesday. If you live in or frequent West Seattle you should come with me and ask tough questions.

The SDOT just released their Transit Master Plan Briefing Book. I will be looking over it hopefully this week and probably releasing some sort of comments on it.

that's all for now

ps: if you know of any good apps for mobile blogging, i am on the lookout for suggestions.

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  1. I would think that there might be an official Blogger app for iPhone.

    I know I have Wordpress for Blackberry and my phone is older than dirt.