Monday, February 21, 2011

lucky yesterday/blogging on the go.

So yesterday (Sunday), I was able to avoid my entire usual bus trips due to Kelley having Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence meetings from 1-6pm.

My only trip was from the U-District to Capitol Hill to meet him and it went something like this:

49 departs 41st & University at 5:19pm (one minute early) 
(ps: 15th ave ne is down on sundays for construction, hence me catching it on university way ne)
49 arrives at Broadway & Pine at 5:36pm (one minute early)

also, i think i might download the app BlogPressLite for my iphone. i'm still not sure if i want to treat these entries as maybe doing an open thread all day where i post about my trips and then maybe doing special interest posts separately. feedback?


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