Wednesday, February 16, 2011

don't have a lot of time

will blog more later tonight when i'm at work. for now...

here's my trips from yesterday. needless to say, my evening commute was fucking disastrous:

my commute to work/school went fine, i fucked up my phone at some point yesterday and erased the data from my trip. As far as I can remember all of my buses were no more than one minute late.

but fuck my night commute. i know that most of the time bus drivers are not to blame for their routes being late. crazy passengers, badly timed bus routes, etc have a lot of influence. but the first drive i had last night was hands down the worst bus driver i ever had. HE WAS FOURTEEN MINUTES LATE!!! ON A BUS THAT RUNS EVERY TEN MINUTES!!!! HOW IS THIS FUCKING POSSIBLE!?!?

72X departs 41st & University at 6:25pm (fourteen minutes late)
72X arrives at 3rd & Seneca at 6:51pm (eleven minutes late)

theoretically, i should be able to casually stroll up the escalators to get to my bus stop in time for my transfer bus to get home eleven minutes after the 72 arrives. but wait, it was eleven minutes late, so i ran up the escalators and missed my bus by 30 seconds.

Then, SURPRISE!!! The next two buses i could take to get home didn't arrive, so here is what i took, it gets a bit confusing, and they were all late.

55 departs 3rd & Seneca at 7:17pm (six minutes late)
55 arrives at 35th & Avalon at 7:27pm (eight minutes late)

54 departs 35th & Avalon at 7:42p, (ELEVEN minutes late)
54 arrives at California & Barton at 7:59pm (FIFTEEN minutes late)

Needless to say, I should be able to catch the 6:45pm 54 downtown and be home by 7:15pm... a 50 minute commute. But instead, my commute was TWO FUCKING HOURS!!!! I literally wanted to punch out a bus window.

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